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Inferior steel hits construction industry

The construction industry is in a serious crisis due to the proliferation of sub standard steel which has jeopardised the country’s reputation for solid construction. Industry experts said that the construction industry is in a serious crisis today due to the steel mafia which has spread its tentacles across the industry resulting in inferior construction.

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CCIJ helps business to boom in Jaffna

Jaffna is poised for a fresh take off offering a wide range of opportunities for businesses. The Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Jaffna (CCIJ) supports this endeavour as a link for enterprises to set up operations in the North.

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To develop capital market:

Consultative committee, a must

Players are urging the government to set up a consultative committee comprising regulators and industry players to iron out issues and increase confidence in the capital market as regulators are not aware of its practical operations.

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ICT Workforce Survey:

Vital info to make Lanka a knowledge hub

The IT sector of Sri Lanka is growing at an average of 17 percent a year in terms of workforce the National ICT Workforce Survey revealed. During the past four years the IT workforce in the country has grown by around 100 percent, the survey conducted by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) said.

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