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Emotions in motion

An ‘out of the box’ concept that promises new energy to a drums and dance performance:


Two superbly skilled and gifted Sri Lankan artistes will come together in Drums & Dance, a one of a kind performance that both energized and galvanizes percussion, music and dance at the Bishops College Auditorium on May 28. Veterans Rakitha Wickramaratne and Chandana Wickramasinghe are renowned professional artistes acclaimed and applauded locally and internationally for producing and staging novel recitals and concerts.  Both artistes have exploited their obsession for rhythm from toddler days and achieved outstanding triumph.  Drums & Dance promises to offer alternate entertainment to a multi social diverse society; blending cultures, traditions and contemporary music. The 90 minute concert will have 12 novel recitals with talented artistes exploiting tempo and rhythm to stir up emotions.

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