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Sunday, 5 July 2015





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Hooked on a high

The growing danger of students, teens, resorting to performance enhancers that can have deadly consequence:

They come in attractive shades, intriguing shapes and look rather innocuous. They could be toffees, lozenges, chewing gum, fizzy drink in miniature bottles, fancy mouth sprays… just about anything fun and funky and even familiar, to entice the unwitting targets, most of them young, most of them unaware, most of them just gullible. No one openly claims the fancy sweets and drinks to be what they really are - performance enhancers, brain stimulants, tranquillisers - designed to give a momentary high, a rush of euphoria, spike in self esteem, an all conquering feeling. But the danger of this wilful myopia is that these performance enhancers, no matter the pretty packaging and name tags, are addictive, extremely dangerous and could even lead to life threatening consequence.

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