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Sunday, 2 August 2015


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Government Gazette
Tourism earnings at the end of June crossed the $1.3 billion mark and is poised to reach $3 billion in 2015. Tourism is seeing a new trend where the
informal sector is overtaking the formal
sector. Internet booking companies are
becoming a key driver and the future is
looking bright for the industry with strong below the line programs that include road shows, travel trade fairs, B2B meetings between the Sri Lanka private sector and overseas travel trade agents and operators and the opening of new markets. Here a tourist tries out surfboarding at Arugam Bay.
Pic: Susantha Wijegunasekera

Proxies of former regime haunt Central Bank

Bond scams from 2005 to 2014 swept under the carpet:

The Rajapaksa regime, allegedly involved in large scale Treasury Bond scams, are using the present Central Bank Bond fiasco to sweep under the carpet mega fraudulent Bond transactions carried out from 2005 to 2014, a senior economic analyst said.

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Construction costs hit investor confidence

The rapid rise in construction costs is adversely affecting investor confidence and making Sri Lanka uncompetitive in the region, Director General, Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA), Architect H.K. Balachandra told a seminar on the ‘Construction industry and the way forward’ organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka last week.

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Chevron Corporation, USA, third in Fortune 500 listing

Chevron Corporation, USA, made news recently with high rankings in both the Fortune 500 listings of the world's biggest companies and Business Insider's rating of "the best companies to work for in America."

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ComBank, Euromoney's Best Bank in SL

Euromoney, widely considered as one of the world's leading financial magazines, has adjudged Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC as the Best Bank in Sri Lanka in 2015 at the magazine's Asia Awards for Excellence presented recently in Hong Kong.

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Culinary Art taken to great heights

Culinary Art has gone from strength to strength since its launch to become the country's largest food and trade exhibition today and an event of repute in the Asia Pacific region, Chairman, Chefs Guild of Lanka,

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Life Insurance Advisors National Forum

The 2015 National Forum for Life Insurance Advisors (NAFLIA) will be held on Tuesday, August 4 at the BMICH. Themed 'A Day All Sri Lankans are Insured,' the conference will attract the best life insurance advisors,

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'Over regulation blocked growth'

The Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL) hosted the 10th annual conference of the Asian Forum of Insurance Regulators (AFIR) in Colombo last week. This is the first time Sri Lanka hosted the forum.

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